Rotary Club of Jackson is staying true to this year’s Rotary theme “Be the Inspiration.”

At the beginning of his Presidency, Art Long approached Operation Care’s Executive Director, Tammie Crabtree about a project that the club could organize for Operation Care. The outdoor play area having a shade structure has always been on the “wish list” for the staff at Operation Care.



The staff at Operation Care knew that the playground shade structure would improve the quality of life for the residents and their children at the shelter. Imagine living in a home with 13 others and not being able to enjoy the playground because the direct heat of the sun makes it unbearable on the hard plastic. The shade structure allows the children to enjoy being outside and having a few moments of normalcy.

In December, a number of Jackson Rotarians went to the Operation Care safehouse and took the time to prep the playground area and within two weeks, the shade structure was fully installed.  In January the Ledger News published a nice article about the project.

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This year’s Big Game at Amador was a thriller!  Argonaut scored in the opening minutes of the game with a field goal as the result of a recovered Amador fumble on the opening kickoff.  While Argonaut racked up numerous penalties, Amador came back and controlled most of the first half.  The half ended with Amador well in the lead.  But the second half would be different.  Amador was taking numerous critical penalties while Argonaut pounded the ball down the field racking up scores.  In the closing seconds of the game, Argonaut scored a touchdown that tied the game, 21-21.  Argonaut missed the extra point and time ran out with the scored tied. 
Not being familiar with league rules, Jackson Rotarians wondered what to do with the Bell Trophy in a tie!  They soon learned that there would be overtime where each team would get the ball on the 25-yard line and attempt to score.  Argonaut got the ball first and scored on a 4th down touchdown pass.  Amador blocked the PAT and took possession of the ball on the 25-yard line.  Amador would need to make a TD and the extra point to win.  But Argonaut stayed strong and with Amador at 4th and goal, they failed to score.  Argonaut won in overtime 27-21!  We knew what to do with the Bell!  Congratulations Argonaut Mustangs!
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Chairman of the Trivia Challenge, Art Long, was all smiles at the end of the event.  Not only were there 31 teams that paid to participate but most of them were quite thirsty and bought lots of drink tickets.  To top it off each of the three winning teams, Cork’s Dork’s, 3 Chicks and a Dude and Crew’s Crew all donated their winnings back to the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening) program.  We will be able to support a number of students this year at RYLA.  Amador Up Country Rotary won the Rotary team contest and the Jackson Club will pay for one of their students to attend RYLA.  Art sends a big thank-you to Frank Halvorson, Mike Flagg and Frank Manzano for their work as well as to all of the Club members who participated. 
Jackson Rotary Club and Jackson Interact HS members installed over 200 Christmas Boughs throughout downtown Jackson on Saturday morning. Assembled by the young men at the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp, these Christmas Boughs add a spot of color to the city of Jackson during the holiday season. Thank you PG Conservation Camp and Jackson Interact members 
The long standing rivalry between Amador High School and Argonaut High School has been played 99 times since 1923. In 1971, The Rotary Club of Jackson created the Big Game Bell Trophy which the winner gets to keep until the next playing of the Big Game. This year we created a game logo which was used on ball caps, banners and newspaper articles. Each player and coach received a souvenir ball cap for participating in the game and after club members bought caps, the remaining ball caps were given to the schools' booster clubs for a fundraising opportunity for their schools. 
This year was the 100th playing of this community rivalry and the competition was fierce. The sky was clear, the weather mild and the enthusiasm for the "Battle for the Bell" was over the top! When the final whistle blew, Argonaut HS took the Bell away from Amador HS which has held the bell trophy for the past 4 years. The final score was 43-21. This was definitely a sign of home town pride. See more photos here
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Irene Perbal, Jackson Rotary Club President and President-Elect Mike Flagg, on the left, are shown presenting a donation of $4000.00 from the club to the City of Jackson for the new mural to be painted on the wall at the Kwik Serve/Tresslers Auto repair in Jackson. Mayor Keith Sweet, on the right, and City Councilman/Supervisor- Elect Pat Crew are accepting the donation on behalf of the City which is paying for one half of the project cost. All donations will be recognized on the wall and can be sent to the City of Jackson. Rand Huggett the artist expects to have the 18 ft. by 124 ft. mural completed by October. Persons interested in helping the artist can call 209 419-3770.
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